Radiometric calibration of Sentinel-2 products

Radiometric calibration of Sentinel-2 products

How can I calibrateSentinel-2products, to extract thereflectance?

I've downloaded fewSentinel-2products from, and opened them withSNAPbut its radiometric calibration is dedicated only toSARproducts.

OnENVI, theRadiometric calibrationtool is seemingly only capable of extracting theradiance. What is the difference between theradianceand thereflectance? Is the estimation of theradiancecounted as a radiometric calibration of a product?

Sentinel-2 Level 1C data are expressed in reflectance with a scaling factor, not in radiance. You have to divide by 10000 to get the reflectance. In the preliminary products shown this autumn, you had to divide by 1000.

The scaling factor is given in the xml file at the root of the product directory.


There is no offset and the no_data value is 0.